A backlink is a name to name a link/link that points to our website. Backlinks can be used as a reference for user convenience or simply for optimization purposes so that our website is more popular in search engines. In terms of benefits, backlinks divide into two types, namely do-follow and no-follow. The two types of backlinks above are no different at all when seen in plain view. However, do-follow backlinks are more preferred because they have high value in search engines. Besides, no-follow types are relatively less desirable because they do not provide significant effects for the website.

Today, the need for backlinks is overgrowing with the rise of SEO-based campaigns as a strategy to attract potential buyers. Here is some tips or effective ways to find high-quality backlinks.

 The best backlinks are links

When you have created a blog or website and want your blog to see by millions of people, the backlink will provide an important role to make that happen. In writing SEO, when you use a lot of ‘backlinks’ in your website or blog, the better the quality of our blog in search engines or browsers. It is means that backlinks can have a big influence on the blog, but with a note of using a quality backlink that is usually a theme with the blog. Not a backlink carelessly with comment spam will harm the quality of your blog on the browser.

The best backlinks are links that are clicked by users (randomly and continuously) to bring traffic to our website. In addition to being indexed by Google, links with this kind of treatment usually also fulfill the criteria for other quality backlinks: relevant and reliable. One trick for getting links with traffic is to create backlinks from quality content, especially for the blog post, aged web 2,0, and PBN methods. That is, make content that is unique, long, and SEO friendly even though it is only placed in Tier-1 and not money site.

Like having a diamond-eyed ring but

Another way is to insert backlinks on content that already has traffic before. This trick is suitable to be applied to the blog post method. Instead of ordering a new blog post, we can ask that the link inserts in an existing post. Of course, we have to request access to visitor statistics such as Google Analytics or Histats from the blog owner to find out which posts have gotten traffic. Usually, blog owners do not mind requests like this, of course, as long as the price is right.

Like having a diamond-eyed ring but never used when invited, that is a picture of the links that are not indexed. No one knows if we have the objects that you bought for display. Because, although Google is very diligent in crawling websites and links all the time, there are times when it skips important links that belong to us. Almost all SEO tools are can only see the value of indexes backlinks. Not indexed means invisible, and something that not seen is considered non-existent.

Furthermore, backlinks that are also considered

So, no matter how good backlinks we have, if it is not indexed, it is a waste of goods. And so, that links are indexed, for the umpteenth time, focus only on backlinks from quality websites that are usually quickly indexed by Google. If necessary, use third-party backlink indexing services such as Backlinksindexer, Linklicious, Lindexed, and others. For those who use SEO services, indexed backlinks guarantee can be an indicator of quality service.

Furthermore, backlinks that are also considered good and have value are those that have the do-follow attribute, which means allowing Google to follow. The opposite of this attribute is no-follow, which means it does not allow Google to support it. Despite the obvious differences in the links above, Google still considers no-follow links as ranking factors in their algorithms. So, that not a few people think that do-follow and no-follow links are equally important and become one of the methods in link diversification.

How to get quality backlinks

Relevant backlinks are vital for Google, which is always obsessed with relevance. It means they are coming from websites that have similar or similar niches. We do not want to have links to our home websites from other websites that are entirely unrelated, such as a game software of moslem fashion. In addition to being relevant, backlinks must also come from trusted websites, not suspicious ones like spammy websites or messy dummy blogs. High authority websites are the best, followed by TLD domain websites that have good parameters for indexing, content, Alexa rank, traffic, domain authority.

Another factor that also determines the level of trust and value of backlinks is the total number of outbound links contained by websites that provide backlinks to us. The higher the number, the smaller the value, this factor is called the OBL (OutBound Link) score with a logic that if incoming links do not match a website that has too many outgoing links. Then, the link value of the link will be small because it is distributed to many the place. Compare the destructive power of a cannon on a building with small slingshots fired at many targets.

Reciprocal means back and forth, and a reciprocal link is a type of link where a web gives a link to another website that provides backlinks. Usually, links like this obtained through forums that provide a place to exchange links or link exchanges that are quite busy, followed by website owners. Unfortunately, reciprocal links are a type that Google doesn’t like and are not, basically, a significant benefit member. Evidence of Google’s displeasure with reciprocal links is sinking blog directory sites that were very popular and used to be one of the recommendations for off-line SEO.

Almost all blog directories require a reciprocal link before our website can add to their list by placing a button. We usually referred to as a “chicklet” that points to their website on our website. There is also the opposite of reciprocal links are non-reciprocal links or usually also referred to as one-way links. It is the type we will look for our backlinks.

An entity cannot be included in the extraordinary category before it gets recognition from many parties. Likewise, with websites, to maximize backlinks in off-page SEO, we need diversity and diversification. Ways to make it happen can vary, starting from TLD diversification (com, net, org, hosting), anchor text, to the platform. The most recent is the most crucial type to play. Quality links must come not only from websites with a blog platform but also other types such as forums, online shops, aged web 2,0, and social media. The more varied and varied backlinks that enter a website, the more recognized the website is, the more SEO it is maximized.

In building a website, you need a Backlink so that visitors on your website increase. Backlinks are also a factor in Google’s search engine in assessing blogs to display on their first page. The more backlinks you have, the more your blog will rank in search engine ranking. However, there are some things that you need to pay attention to is that you do not proceed to pick up spam backlinks because this will affect the quality of your SEO on search engines. There are several ways for your blog to be Blogwalking, Web 2,0, Blog Influencer, and Social Media. Also, there are so many backlink marketing strategies that you can apply after reading this guide.