It is a known fact that SEO helps to rank a website page on the search engine, but many people are not aware of the impact of back links. When SEO is combined with lots of back links, it will help your website page to rank fast and higher on search engines. Therefore, the importance of getting back links from a website page that has dominated the search engine cannot be overemphasized. This will help you to drive lots of quality traffic to your website.

According to Alexa (internet website ranker),

According to Alexa (internet website ranker), Wikipedia is ranked the number five (5) website in the world when it comes to the internet. You can imagine the huge traffic that will be coming to this website and if you can be getting back links from Wikipedia, it will boost your website traffic. The Search engine usually consider the amount of traffic to a particular website to determine its ranking. Generally the rule is, the more the traffic your website gets, the higher the ranking on search engine. Your website authority did not only depend on the number of back links but also on the quality. This kind of quality of back links can be gotten from Wikipedia.

How do you get good and

How do you get good and quality back links from Wikipedia? There are three major back-link opportunities that are found on Wikipedia. Two will be discussed in this article and you can choose whichever one you think is simple enough for you to start with. The first one involves inserting a new link on Wikipedia. This process requires you to have an account on Wikipedia and this gives you the opportunity to create fresh or edit contents on it. You then have to create your article which must contain valuable information and insert the link to your website as the source of that information. Wikipedia employees will check it up and will either approve or reject it, if it does not meet up with the quality of their standards.

Backlinks from Wikipedia

The second opportunity involves replacing a dead link on Wikipedia with your website link. Wikipedia has the habit of flagging pages that contain dead links. When you add the link to your website to these pages, it helps to revive the page and keep it active. This is a great opportunity that many website owners do not know about. How do you find a dead link on Wikipedia? You can do this by the following. You can visit Wikipedia website and then continue to search the page by page until you get a page with a mark “I ’’ inside a circle with a color blue on it. This of course is very tedious because you have to search and search until you eventually get one.

You can also try an easier way of doing this by searching for this kind of page using Google. To use Google, you have to use this special keyword format-site: “your keyword” “dead link”. Your keyword should be any major word that your article is about e.g. weight loss, marketing, writing online, self-improvement etc. Google will surely give you a list of some pages that have a dead link. Screen them carefully and choose the one that is most relevant to your keyword. You can then edit this page by putting relevant information and of course the link to your website for back link.

A Wikipedia website page can also be edited without opening an account with them. In this case, you are seen as anonymous and your internet IP will only be noted with no credit given to you as an author. Looking at from another perspective, the most important thing is for your article or edit to be approved with the link to your website in it. If these edits are accepted, then you are sure of getting tens of thousands of traffic to your website monthly. Getting back links from Wikipedia, your website is what every website owner should work hard to get. This will help your website to establish authority, boost your website SEO, and drive traffic massive traffic to it.

If you can master this skill, it can also serve as a means of income because you can be helping other website owners to do theirs and charge them a token for it.