Are you wondering why your website is not ranking well on Google? If yes, then something might be wrong with your SEO strategy.

As a new blogger, we always believe churning out content will get us the traffic we desire, while we pay little or no attention planning how this content get ranked on search engines. This is where new bloggers get it wrong, we have to note that today most internet experience starts from search engines with over 5.8 billion searches per day, I tell you if your site is still not ranked by this search engines then your blog or website is missing out in the benefits that comes handy with having good SEO ranking.

Getting ranked by search engine is not a one-way technique rather it focusses on your ability to understand how this search engines work and using them to your advantage, but majorly today I would be focusing on 5 sources where you can get Backlinks to improve your SEO ranking.

Here are 8 popular websites where you can get backlinks for your website are listed below:


2). HARO




One of the most popular and




1). MyBlogU

A platform created for Bloggers, Journalist, writers or anyone who has knowledge to share on a particular subject, or adding value to their content by quoting others.

The Backlink type used by MyBlogU is Followed, where writers and bloggers reward you for your quoted contribution with a followed backlink.

You can easily get Backlink using MyBlogU by engaging in Brainstorming and interviewing within queries.

2). HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

One of the most popular and most used site for Backlink by bloggers and website owners, although most people don’t get result expected due to it time taking nature.


HARO is a follow and No follow backlink type, to get backlink from this platform you are required to create and account and respond to query (make sure you are responding to query that will give Backlink to your website or blog). Blogger and other website owner rewards you with a Backlink when they publish your response.

3). SourceBottle

This is another journalist based website like HARO where you get to respond to question from blogger and writer, although SourceBottle is country focus with is Audience majorly from Australia.

Unlike HARO, on SourceBottle you can only get Backlink through Followed method, while you are required to create an account and receive query directly to email and respond through your mail.

4). Business 2 Customer

This website allows your to contribute to post as a blogger or syndicating your blog.

One of the best ways to get backlink using SourceBottle is becoming a contributor to post, although they have a strict guildlines when it comes to approving of post, so you have to know you are not violating the rule and avoid the inclusion of CTA’s within your content.

Backlink Type: Followed.

5). BizSugar

8 most performing Backlinks source to increase your search engine ranking

This is a website that allows you to share content to your followed audience, which makes it audience limited but suitable for small business niche.

6). Quora

On one or two occasions you might have come about Quora, but have you ever thought it came be used to increase your web traffic? Yes, it can actually increase and drive traffic’s to web post or blog.

Quora is a platform where anyone can ask and answer questions, by providing response to people question you are easily identified as an authority and leaving a link to your website, will easily give them an address to where they can find you. In turn this can be generating more traffic to your site than you thought.

7). Growth Hub

This a platform that is design for web developer and bloggers to share idea on Digital Marketing, SEO hacks, and anything relating to growth. It is formerly known as

Backlinks on this platform are majorly nofollow, from this platform you may not be getting too much of SEO benefits but will definitely increase your traffic rate.

8). Social Sparks

This one of the best platforms to increase your SEO and as well write advert for brand on your blogs. It has it own unique way of handling brand to blogger relationship, while it gives blogger a special tags linking them to brand, and run based on FTC nodisclosure and nofollow link which makes you and the brand safe in front of Google and other search engine platform.

Outsourcing backlink for your blog or website should not be focused on getting views or traffic but to get targeted audience who would actually be interested in your content and what you have to offer, while other platform can increase your Search Engine ranking, for instance, using social media signal. For instance, having enough tweet and retweet on Twitter will give search engine to easily find information about your brand or blog to index or crawl.