Getting tons of content out on your blog might not get you the answer you are looking for, probably which is to get your website ranking high on search engines.

All you need is the right Backlinks from sites with authority or bigger blogs in the same industry with yours. Either by posting as guest or using social media signals. Getting the right Backlinks, at the right location maybe your good luck charm to high traffic source and getting ranked high on search engines.

So what are Backlinks?

How do Backlink turns into traffic and increase your site SEO ranking? Is it quality over quantity that works more?

Getting all this right will determine if it will actually work well for you. 5 years back the routine was getting high number of Backlinks but, today what you should focus more is getting quality Backlinks to your website even when they didn’t actually improve your SEO but they might drive the right buyer to your website.

After knowing your niche and getting the site with the right audience for your blog or website, you might need to focus more on building the right strategy, The next step is how do you get these Backlinks to your website.

Below are the most efficient ways to get backlink to your website, while most of what we will be talking about would be off-page SEO methods.

The Internet is just like the

1) Building Online Reputation

2) Giving out tangible information

3) Own your Content

4) Make use of Visuals (Infographics)

5) Writing review for other website

1) Building Online Reputation

The Internet is just like the world we live in, we tend to believe what someone will know personally more than when a stranger pass same information. This is the same way the internet world works as well, creating a good reputation by giving out content that are of standard and having a good customer relations may give people reason to come back and even refer someone to your blog or website.

So before uploading that post, make

So building a good online Reputation will continuously earn you free traffic.

2) Giving out Informative Content.

Many bloggers just believe in churning out content that wouldn’t add value to their targeted audience. This result brings low credibility to their website making them rank low on search engines. Having lot of content out there may not get you the traffic it should, when the content is not readers worthy.

Your SEO strategy maybe right but when your content is not appealing, it all comes back to zero. So putting in mind your need to satisfy your audience hunger for information and knowledge should be your guardsman.

3) Owning your content.

Every bloggers is always concern and in hurry to put out new content on their blog. This make them engage content which are not theirs, basically this comes in two ways, when detected Google would penalize you for plagiarism, and may result in your website not being ranked or indexed.

So before uploading that post, make sure is as a result of your personal study or research, even if you are going to quote other blogs or website, make sure you are not quoting people all through.

5 easy ways to get quality Backlinks to grow your SEO ranking

4) Make use of Visual Contents (Infographics)

Today, image and video keeps our attention, while an average person on the internet is always ready to zoom off from your website when they are not getting what they need as information, but with a good informative video or image which can easily pass the message you want to pass will gain their attention more and that may be earning you good backlinks.

For instance, when you have a good Infographics on your website and someone shares it on their webpage they have to link it to your website.

This is another cheap method to get quality Backlinks.

5) Writing Review for other Website.

When you write review for other blogs or brands in the same industry as yours, although you are actually risking your audience to them either as leads or readers, but your SEO ranking will definitely benefit more from it. While the website give space for Backlinks, Google Bot and spider can easily index or crawl your website.

This is one of the cheapest ways to get backlink to your website and growing your SEO ranking.

Although these are few steps that you can use to increase your backlink and earn good and quality Backlinks for your website to increase it traffic and SEO ranking if used well.