It is no secret that backlinks are of great essence for improving a site’s SEO ranking score and driving relevant and organic traffic. It is also the main indicator of a website’s superiority for search engines. Here are three best ways to get backlinks that won’t cost you a penny.

Link Content to Other Sites or Blogs And Write Guest Posts,

The same method can be adapted

A few years ago people started using the ‘IFB Method’ with is a follow back strategy. It is used to get more followers for social media accounts like twitter and the user of an account would encourage other users to follow them by promising to follow back. And when people follow their account; they also follow that person’s account back and that way they gained exposure and followership growth. The only trick for this method is that there more people you follow, the more increase in your followership growth.

The same method can be adapted by websites and blogs where you can link your content to other websites or blogs. And when you give other bloggers backlinks they are usually more than happy to return the favor. So the trick is to link your content to as many blogs or websites as possible and possibly get as many backlinks as the sites that link back. Before linking to other blogs or sites remember to check if a site or blog is a NoFollow or a DoFollow. NoFollow sites cannot boost your SEO ranking score because they point away all incoming links to prevent spammers.

Social Media Give Aways Promotion,

You must always interact on other sites or blog posts by commenting and sharing their content, to get noticed by big sites or blogs that are relevant to search engines. You can thereafter request to write a guest post relevant to their latest posted content. That way you will be able to get backlinks from big and superior sites. Here are some of the sites that accept guest posts; SEO Hacker, Grow Map, Agents of Change, Intense Blog, Smart Bloggers, Daily SEO Blog, and Linkody.

Social Media Give Aways Promotion,

3 Best Ways to Get Backlinks That Won't Cost You A Penny

Linking your site or blog to social media platforms is one of the best ways to improve your site’s relevancy to search engines. And therefore, it is wise to invest in social media to get backlinks and one way you can build backlinks using social media is to run giveaway promotions. For example, you can offer people something like a PDF social media strategy template. And award them with it when they mention your work or company and include your site’s domain or URL on their posted content. This strategy allows you to reach as many people in the same industry as you can afford by running paid social media campaign ads for your promotions.

Get A Reporter or Blogger to Mention Your Work or Site on Their Content,

Another great way of getting backlinks for free is to connect with reporters and bloggers. There is a platform called ‘Help A Reporter Out’ which is also known as HARO, this is like a portal for journalists, bloggers, influencers and experts from different industries. It is where reporters and bloggers get experts to contribute as sources to the piece that they are writing. They drop queries to this platform and experts of that particular field then respond to those queries.

And the best response that makes sense and is based on facts stand a better chance to be picked after the reporters select their preferred response they quote it on their article and mention the name and work of the expert. And therefore, you can use this platform to get backlinks by responding to as many queries as possible and always remember to mention your site on your answers. If your answers are good, make sense and are based on facts then you will get backlinks from reporters and bloggers when they quote your response.

In a nutshell, there are many other paid backlinking tools but they won’t get you backlinks independently nor will they get you backlinks any faster. It is highly possible to build the most relevant backlinks without spending a penny, all you need to do is invest your time, effort and commitment to developing a good backlinking strategy that will produce organic and relevant backlinks and thus drive the most relevant traffic to your site.